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The Scotland Adventure

So where should I start...

I have been always a really spontaneous person. I found it like the description of myself. If someone gonna ask me how would I describe my personality I would say: " Really spontaneous and open to everything".
I found that traveling makes me feel more settled in myself and complete in some ways. Just the thought that I'm going somewhere where I don't know anybody it's so interesting for me and I love it.
I have to say that it's sometimes scary not knowing anything and anybody but then more you are actually grateful for every moment meeting a new person because at that point you are literally searching for some communication.
Traveling by yourself is also a kind of therapy for your mind. That's how I see it. A lot of people are saying to me that it must be so boring to travel by yourself because you don't have anybody to share the adventure with.
It's much more than be with somebody. You have basically just yourself an…

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